Beauty of Mount Abu

Mount Abu is situated in Southwest end of Rajasthan and is the only hill station in Rajasthan as well as in North West India. Mount Abu is the summer capital for the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Mount Abu was the home of many saints and sages in the old days. Legend has it that all the 330 million gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon used to visit this holy mountain.

Some famous places are shown here . . .

Adhar Devi : Temple Of Goddess Arbuda


Adhar Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga has several embellished statues and considered as one of the prominent religious destinations in the hill town. It is situated at a distance of 3 km to the north of the city.The temple is chiselled out of a huge rock reached by a night of 360 stairs.The Adhar Devi temple contains many beautiful statues, and those that make the effort to climb the stairs are rewarded with many picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Dilwara Marble Temples


The Dilwara Jain Temples are a group of temples carved ingeniously in white marble. The temple interior showcases the extraordinary work of human craftsmanship at its best. Dilwara Temple complex consist of five major sections or temples devoted to five jain trithankaras. These beautifully carved temples built between 11th and 13th century A.D. are sheer elegance in marble, dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. The old world charm is ever present in the ambience of these temples.

Lovely Nakki Lake


Nakki Lake is an artificial Lake surrounded by hill of aravali range and called the heart of Mount Abu. It is surrounded by hills and a perfect spot for tourists to spend their leisure time boating in the lake as well as riding on horses along its bank. The name comes from a stroy that it was dug out from Nails (Nakh) of Gods to live in, for protection against the oppressions of Bashkali-a wicked demon. The picture perfect location of the lake surrounded with mountains, gardens and rock formations also make it a very good location for photography.

Sunset Point


Sun-set point is about a mile, returning from Nakki Lake, by the same road and to its south-west, from near the polo ground.This point offers one of the breathtaking mountain view from this point.There are many rocky seats on the hills, from which calm and charming scene of the setting sun could be conveniently seen.



Guru Shikhar is the tallest peak in the Aravalis and stands tall at an altitude of 5676 feet. It is at a distance of 3 miles Delwara Achagarh road, a hilly coal-tarred road of nearly 7 kms. There is a temple of Guru Dattatreya on top of the hill,this temple has a very calm and serene ambience. There is a bell nearby the temple, people visiting the temple ring it often. The view from top of the hill is mind blowing, you can see the green forest and rocks all around.

Gaumukh Temple


The Gaumukh Temple got its name from a sculpted cow situated in the premises of the temple. The temple was built in its location as a dedication to Saint Vashishth. A bull made out of marble is situated there. There is a stream of water that flows from the mouth of the marble bull. So the name "gaumukh" arrived from it. The Gaumukh Temple is located around 5 kilometers from the Hanuman Temple situated in a wild valley that is reached by climbing down over 700 steps.

Achalgarh Fort


AchalGarh, commissioned by Rana Kumbha, the esteemed designer who was responsible for many huge fortresses in Southern Rajasthan, is one of the many beautiful medieval monuments that can be found in the Mount Abu. At a distance of about 11 km from Mount Abu, it is an impressive structure that commands the attention of the onlookers. The Achleshwar Mahadev Temple out here is also a must visit. It is best known for its Nandi that weighs four tones and is built of five metals namely gold, silver, copper, bronze and zinc. In the nearby vicinity of the temple is the Mandakini Lake that is encircled by rocky hills as well as by walls.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary


Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is established in 1960, is one of the oldest parts of the Mount Abu mountain ranges. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular destination for eco-tourism also. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is full of floral beauty. There is an evergreen forest that meets the water and the valleys on the other side. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is long and thin- it is about 5-8km long and between 300-1722m wide.